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My parents divorced when I was a teen. They remained civil, but never reconnected except for when supporting me at my shows. George & Donna, my mom & pops, would attend together. They would spend that time in each others presence and find ways to share a few nice moments. That spark that had died out would flicker and fade again. Yet, they both admitted to me many times their love for one another was still in their hearts. The love of each others lives they would both say. They were beyond repair, sadly.
I never saw my folks stop and smile at each other again except in a photo with me in it but not alone together. They passed away but I know for a fact they are dancing/smiling up there together. I took these pics and decided today to celebrate a Valentines Day they never had again... but would've wanted. I love & miss you mom & pops. Dance one for me. I created this in a few hours this morning.
I call it George & Donna - 2nd Date.

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Wait, close 2nd, this just came into the inbox.

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So far this my fav pic sent tonight that doesn't involve nudity. Well, it's a nude hand I guess.

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Favorite gift I received this year? It has to be my new fat bald naked guy sulking in a corner.

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I knew you had the xmas spirit. I made my famous Alderaan egg nog you should come over & destroy it.

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Christmas in Los Angeles.

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Had 2 share this cool record company gift celebrating my latest release. Gonna hang it from my rear view mirror.

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If you missed & I on the Tonight Show last night. Here is a quick glimpse.

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Just got offstage in Kentucky. Super hyped up show. My sister sent a pic of my new Greatest Hits billboard. Wow!

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& backstage b4 the show. Newberg always brings his lucky concrete brick with him.

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Last night at Roosevelt was insane. Tonight insaner. I'm Boba Fett. I promise only 1 thing. No disintegrations.

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Thrilled for my sister who received the honor of her 1st art exhibit showcasing her photography

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Have you guys met my agent?

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Ha. Take that HItler!

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For your 25th birthday Super Mario. A gift from me to you. She ain't the princess but she will rule your world.

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no words - just emotions

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im so close to throwing my husbands dead body in this dumpster jumping in my mini van and heading to Florida!

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father time drives this bus

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yea girl u rideeeee that horse

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the man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed

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