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I'm a 31 year old musician and audio engineer from around Pittsburgh, PA. My favorite color is blue even though my coffee and most of my shirts are black.

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This is kind of a bad picture, but you get the idea. Early 60s Ampeg B-15 bass amp.

Here is the flyer for the festival this afternoon, and THEY'RE BLOWING UP FIREWORKS PEOPLE!! Y. E. S.

It starts:

It is hilarious to me that The Avengers made roughly $200M MORE than ALL of the other movies out this past weekend.

Here’s the 2D version if you don’t have your glasses handy. :^)

Dr. Schaefer & the Audio II class from came to visit this morning with a cool 3D camera!!

Happy Ash Wednesday!!

Damn. Where’s My Water may have the most 5-star ratings I’ve ever seen:

Coincidentally, I also saw this today:

SO true. I miss you Halloween. I refuse to put ALL of my macabre toys and goodies away until December:

Well, here we go. #iOS5

Today's rock boxes:

RIP Steve Jobs.

Another screen shot.

Apple was hacked today. Almost unbelievable, but not really.

Thank you, Baby Jesus. I know this is only postponing the grey of the Ohio Valley's winter, but I don't care.

Facebook: What the hell is going on with this TERRIBLE design? Seriously. So bad.

Love this T-shirt. Thanks . (CC: )

Here is a picture of my new profile. It’ll take a little getting used to, but I like it so far:

Poop-tweet from 's place!! I'm jealous that he can see the river from the thrown.