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I wonder if Target purposefully color coordinates their tree berries.

Hey I think I've spotted :

Oh my god it's like wearing uggs on my legs

It's hard to make out, but this van had a sticker of a eagle bursting head-first through an American flag, talons shredding the rest.

Took me a few days to open this guy. He is not a great mold.

velma I want u inside me

"Well, this is awkward.".

Yeah, my childhood Fort Max has seen better days.

Left some books at the Ogre.


Hey, look, it's the second-largest shipment I've received today.

So many booooks


There we go.

Had to disassemble and reassemble him, but he's better now.

So, umm, I think Ratbat is put together so his feet won't pull out.

Remember all the sadness and menstruatio-- wait how does this song go again

You build up hope, but redecoes're all you've known?

Do you feel cold and lost in brand integration?

Aw yeah