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Baking & Pastry and Culinary Arts Chef in training. I am hilarious.

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My car looks like it's crying

Green Buttwrfly with small Pineapple Plant

Pineapple plant with Green Butterfly

Paper computer. Totally different from computer paper.

Bread Turtle! LOL made of Challa and Brioche

The best toaster ever! Tracy, this is for you!

Sourdough Asiago Cheese Bread Boule and sliced Batard

Honey Wheat Bread


New additions to the family!

Steamed pork&mushroom dumplings, perfectly blanched snow peas, sauteed mushrooms, wanton soup

A watercolor for my Mommy, painted with direction from the kids

The 3cousins are playing quietly and co-habitating happily. Buying them sepperate paints was totally worth it!

The #Pigeon is still here, and it's banded. How do I notify the owner/caregiver?

Random Pigeon showed up at our garage sale and wouldn't leave! Weird.

My Garage Sale find: the "My Turn on Earth" soundtrack 8-Track Tape! #LDS

Final Challenge: create dessert w these few ingredients, 5 platings. This is what we made

Pineapple Wedding Cake bottom tiers in dramatic lighting

Pineapple Wedding Cake side view

Pineapple Wedding Cake: Pound Cake w Pineapple Whip filling