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Venti & Bodum chillin with (Fat) Albert - their kitty. Little sun for a change today. :-)

Me & my Bo wearing "LIVESTRONG" bands... (NOT making light of). He's home this afternoon. Wish us luck!

I'm going to he'll for this one, but the msg is so true. This one's for you . I'll see you in the flames, Bro.

Venti checking in on her little brother (Bodum). He's still fighting off pneumonia. :-(

Even Bodum loves his Bruins! :-)

My dad got me a hat from Ireland. Matches his. Now we're twins. Yeah, me left/dad right for all u wise asses. ;~)

Bodum sharing and getting the love.

Venti likes to play it cool. She chills on the floor and let's the seniors come to her. :-)

Bodum rockin' the senior's centre. They LOVE the dogs.

Drinkin' coffee at Starbucks (NOT Booster Juice) after school. Hahahahahaha It's all good man. Just heading home.

Can we PLEASE come to see Sproket??? We promise to be good... I wouldn't want to pay for shipping of them or food.

Hell yeah!!

Am I too early to think (hope) this will be the situation in the Stanley Cup finals??? Bs gonna be champs??? :-)

What I ACTUALLY made. #isuckatcoffeeart. :-( gotta keep workin' on it.

What I'm TRYING to make...

Support for FightOnJackson from some of my grade 7&8 students at Coquihalla Middle School. :-)

RT: Vaginas are beautiful, but if I saw one that wasn't attached to a woman's body, I would freak the fuck out.

My "friend" sent this saying I was a pussy for choosing ankle fusion over these options. You're an a-hole Yaz. :-)

Came home from school & found Venti on couch...oh yeah, 420 today. ;-)

MTB ride with my dad on his 65th b'day today. :-)

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