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Been breaking out the crayons:

If I was a charity I'd set up next to all of these places that sell tat around Christmas #guilt

Some classics in Private Eye #librarylunchtime

Some classics in Private Eye #librarylunchtime

Some classics in Private Eye #librarylunchtime

. just brought me a cake! #awesome

The view of from towers:

Handheld learning session at #oeb10 about to start:

Turns out and his wife are on the same flight as me! Can we take off in this blizzard?

It turns out on further inspection to be a rather nasty, sorry, *natty* hairdryer:

Wow. The Britannia Hotel at Newcastle airport is like an 80's timewarp:

Linux people: does this mean the HDD is borked? Boots up eventually, but many errors:

Ill Doug is clearing drive despite further snow:

Just bought Kindle version of 'Teaching Creativity' after mention in Times Higher:

NE1 #uksnow 6/10 but variable:

I proclaim the Sony Vaio P11Z the ultimate train laptop (3G even works on CrossCountry!)

Bit of a winter wonderland in NE61. #uksnow 0/10 though:

Whitepaper it is then:

Newcastle NE1 #uksnow 10/10

My setup at #jiscel10