as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

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just some color variations XD

  • 1602 days ago via site
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Created for no real reason besides being bored lol. ima call it, Zenith Warrior somthing like that lol. (no release plans, dont ask about price, non member/member)

  • 1602 days ago via site
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(in the picture is me :3) chillin at the japanese garden lol bamboo XD (pic taken by my gf).

  • 1603 days ago via site
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(in the picture that is me IRL). :) just another picture taken by my gf at the park on our adventure lol XD

  • 1603 days ago via site
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Just a little photography :3 day at the park with my gf taken pics (she took the pic) XD yay for awsome!!

  • 1603 days ago via site
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Freedom Blace and Lance. note: (the stars on the flags have been removed and replaced by 1 bigger star) release tonight

  • 1604 days ago via site
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guess what? yeah you guessed it Dooooom Lance!!! it attacks with the polearm animation. it will be released !!!

  • 1611 days ago via site
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just another pic with the helm this time :3

  • 1611 days ago via site
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male and female version enjoy :)

  • 1611 days ago via site
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heres the female version. released tomorrow. this is the finally version no changes.

  • 1612 days ago via site
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heres another in poth positions :3 (no release set, dont ask)

  • 1631 days ago via site
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im really creative tonight XD. check out this awsome helmet :3

  • 1637 days ago via site
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Mod Only Version :3 epicness

  • 1638 days ago via site
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been messin around with it some more lol XD. lookin good :3 (this one will be put into the game. when its release, no one knows).

  • 1638 days ago via site
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added evn more stuff lol XD i think we might have a real epic armor here before to log XD if its not epic already XD

  • 1638 days ago via site
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heres the epic version with the beard. can anyone say possible future druid helm? i think so, that is if druid is ever made lol.

  • 1638 days ago via site
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just because it looks cool XD

  • 1639 days ago via site
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a little preview of the armor ingame

  • 1639 days ago via site
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A little update to the Dark caster(Beta). (1) Removed strokes = now you can see details even when the pic is small. (2) another rune has been added to the hand. (3) Arcanist ring added to the back. (NO RELEASE DATE SET)

  • 1640 days ago via site
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Once again another armor i will recreate in flash at some point. for so long have i wanted this to be in game. now i have thse chance. it will get a major facelift so dont mind the old artwork

  • 1641 days ago via site
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