as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

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my new twitter background :3

  • 2236 days ago via site
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ok i know deathknight isnt even out yet but i just couldnt resist XD DeathKnight/Defender

  • 2236 days ago via site
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The Classic Paladin! XD

  • 2236 days ago via site
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Another full helm version thought the open mouth piece looked awsome :3

  • 2236 days ago via site
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open and closed versions of the omega paladin :3

  • 2236 days ago via site
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godmode gogogogogogogogo!!!!!

  • 2237 days ago via site
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New Defender class. just finshed the artwork as of 6:40 every thing is done and gooood to go. hope you all like the armor it was hard work :)

  • 2238 days ago via site
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1st look at the executioner ingame. this armor will be obtainer through multiple upgrades to the original undead warrior in the coming weeks

  • 2240 days ago via site
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Best partay evah!!!! tonight!!! thank you guiez for the new party room :D wont say the number :) you guiez will have to guess

  • 2241 days ago via site
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Executioner with the Axe :)

  • 2242 days ago via site
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new Bezerker(middle), Knight(left), executioner(middle right), Minos the Judge (far right)

  • 2242 days ago via site
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trying to mix match all possibl ways i can :3 eventully i think all the helms will be ingame. there are some that will have horns etc but thats later on

  • 2244 days ago via site
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the new UndeadWarlord Armet!!!

  • 2244 days ago via site
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changed up the normal version of the male undead warrior. this will be the version for normal players.

  • 2244 days ago via site
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female version of the new undead warrior

  • 2244 days ago via site
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just having fun with the variations

  • 2245 days ago via site
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heres a close up of the armor without the blacked out face :) enjoy!

  • 2245 days ago via site
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some people wanna know what i showed AE to get the job (art i have done) this is one of my biggest projects i am still working on. eventually this became the undead warrior that is in game now. i left this project behind for the momment and remains unfinished :)

  • 2245 days ago via site
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a little hand drawn picture i drew today to keep my hand drawn skills alive :) its a concept for a possible armor i might create in the future

  • 2245 days ago via site
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yeah i was playing around with the file and i came up with this, awsome right? might be good for that hollow somthing area lol

  • 2249 days ago via site
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