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Working comics for Friday and Monday (since this weekend is pure relax time) as finishing a thing...

Some folks asked about my Forty by Forty list so here it is. Some of it is silly, serious, and personal.

Remember that birthday party sketch I did for ? Here is the finished piece.

I wonder is Sam Wood is doing any work. I always loved his redesign of Elminster. More bad ass, less Gandalf.

Just found my cosplay for GenCon this year…

In the interest of how far ranging my ideas for Brett’s new look went, here is one of the concepts.

Hey porn games: at least spell check your ads.

Sketching Sam.

d20Monkey returns tomorrow and THERE IS SHOUTING! #webcomics

Hm. I wonder what Brett is reading? Next week we’ll find out when d20Monkey returns!

Confirming the groups Christmas magic item gifts… might be an exaggeration.

One of the reasons this Christmas was awesome.

An example of one of the gift cards I gave my Pathfinder players.

I’m actually wondering why this one hasn’t happened. WHY! WHYYYYY!?

Well, I looked just now and it smacked me like a baseball bat and I am losing my shit…

Yes it is my lock screen right now. Just because.

Okay. Here is a revised version.

First draft of my new resume.

Is it just me or does John Mayer look like Tom Baker here?