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Okay, I lied. Here is a quick sketch of the Tarrasque dressed as Dolly Parton.

So awesome.

Work in progress.

Here is some concept art for Karthun: Dulsey Ro, Hand of the Smith, head of Deknar’s church. #Karthun

Took a few minutes to do a quick sketch of my 5e D&D fighter in campaign: Bodrick “Bo” Buckman

A sketch before bed.

Ghost Brian Jerk Punching Services, LLC.

Like this!

Well, that’s my name in a GenCon “Hot Events” bulletin. I can cross that off the list.

“Hey Lou, why are you wearing that life vest?”

“Because I am drowning in pussy”

I made myself a cover for my D&D Basic Rules folder.

Monkeynomicon art list.

Work in progress.

This is a new shirt-type thing I finished earlier today.

Work in progress.

Hey you too!

Here’s what I am working on. I said I was finished with previews but, well, I am excited.

Up for air and some dinner. Here is the finished Kundrok.

Today I drew a magic bear. This is Madros, The Bear Lord, paragon of bears, created by the World Warden of Karthun.

Going back under my mountain. I leave you with a work in progress.

Kundrok (from the first Karthun arc) are in the Monkeynomicon. Work in progress art.