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"No one is lifting up his or her PC to scan your banana" - #NMX

We ended up renting for now, but a cute little bungalow like ours was totally on our price range.

UCMTBM3: Never Forget #nmx

Shall we eat at the Hear Attack Grill? #nmx

Sweet. I just got notified that I'm elite for 2014. Four years in a row. Boom.

While enjoying time in Vegas, my daughter's school just announced the 4th snow day in a row #nmx #royaloak

Someone just asked if my Smart Water makes me smart. I'm gonna say yes...smarter than him #nmx

I'm holding out for a hero 'till the end of the night #nmx

The Marshall Sylver book we were just given has a copyright date of 1995. Is this considered "new media"? #nmx

I love that is talking about in his presentation. Yum :) #NMX

Awkward: go somewhere warm, put on sandals for the 1st time in 2 months, and realize how badly you need a pedicure...

As it turns out, we have retro iMacs on display in the office...

A car accident happened right in front of the house next to us. The roads are sooooo slick tonight. Drive carefully

Yesterday I installed a thermostat in my house. I love being able to control the temperature from my phone!


Check out this gem I found....

Haha thanks. I took about 10 selfies just to make people stare. Another one :

Saw my first sponsored photo on Instagram. Now I want ice cream.

Had a great time today visiting with . Another friend that's hard to leave in SLC.

My new job is on Big Beaver Road, which is exit 69 off the freeway. Also, there's a Hooters on Big Beaver. Serious.