Opportunities often come disguised as obstacles. You can't control the outcome. You can Only control the effort.

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Yup RT : Check out the new video presents Ming ft. Artis & A.D.

I know all I need to know RT : Get to know me listen #RT #follow me $#MG

RT : Trill Nigga - Lil Boog So Hood: Listen and Retweet #MichiganMusic



THIS is the definition of spam RT : yes i do..i dont spam...

This RT : i hate you. <3

I have a Mac 128k. They got a new one? RT : But you have a Mac! That's at least 12 GB by itself! lol

#frames RT : but the track is still frames...mixed or unmixed..

24 hours, 57 minutes ago bro. Not much of a hiatus RT : REALLY? I COULDA SWORN IT WAS LIKE 4

But....? RT : WIL stay out of my mentions if you're gonna keep lying.

THIS is not...

THIS is funny...

It's 2012. This really still happens??

The new Android - BIGGER SCREEN!!

Me....explaining to a friend, the challenges of a threesome.

Now is RT'ing all the RT's from Ross and Khaled. We get it. You know Ross. This kills your credibility.

#wacpes RT : Just gotta delete the typo n act like it never happened

I'm thinking about repainting a bathroom. Which shade of beige do you like best? RT : check it

I heart .