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My bathroom is a breaking disaster zone. I mean that literally.

Treat time 3! #ferrets

Treat time 2! #ferrets

Treat time 1! #ferrets

Chewing the stick from both ends #Ferrets #CutenessOverload

Long Beach sunset ~

One block from my house :-) #BreakingBad

Shrimp & crab salad with sesame dressing. Yum ~ Remembered to take a pic before it was all gone!

What do you mean, we're out of #ferret treats?!

Niya #ferret just discovered that sinking her fangs into cardboard repeatedly is great fun. Apparently.

World's slackest ferrets.

The #ferret days of summer.

Nikita hangs out. Literally. #ferrets

#moon landing stamp - first day of issue ~

Nikita sleeping..... comfortably?

1st pic of one of the fosters we're taking care of while owner recovers from surgery - Bob just waking up ~

Loosing Tigger was huge loss. Cure: foster ferrets in need of a loveing temp home.

Meanwhile, over in the The Mad Alchemist's re-purposed table top laboratory ~ ~ ~

#lose / #lost an #iPhone in #LA / #UCLA? Had green case, run over a few times, busted camera, pass code protected.

RIP Tiger Ferret ~ <3 <3 <3