Atheist. Student. Science. If I was a dinosaur, I would be an awesomeasaurus. (Although I tweet a lot about drugs, I work in a drugs lab. I don't take them :))

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You'd think people have better things to do on a Saturday afternoon that posting this crap through the door.


I keep seeing this car and checking where I live on google maps

Enjoyed seeing monkeys!


This doesn't need words

Hahaha #got

His douchebag is sat in a beanbag across the road playing ridiculously loud banging music and drinking beer.

I do have this epic cup to make me feel better though.

Doing some work and laying here feeling sorry for myself cause of my foot. #multitasking

This looks epic


My evening...


I apparently lack the mentality to cope with being a giraffe...

See it functions as a coaster if I hold the glass.

So knitted me a 'coaster'