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WHY is my guardian app doing this?!

I'm about to read a proof copy of a book that isn't even out yet.

Looks like you

Paul and his "travelling hat". SEXAY.

View from my "seat" on the train.

Stuck at this. Fucking ducks.

Who wants to see with talc on his arse?

is it any wonder he turned out to be a "menace" ?? Paul

No one writes letters any more. Proper ones, with a pen and paper. So I got this.

Look at my stupid bastard face. Rawr.

Current status

Ashton's new bedtime reading material. Aww

NOM Peanut butter and jam scone.

Ah Northern Ireland... I love you, but at this time of year many of your people act like scum sucking wank socks.

Some of the classy stuff on sale

The WORST family portrait I've ever seen. - you'll love it.



Tampons for your crafting needs

You see what I see