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Secretly happy it's so cold in yoga class. Socks protect my feet from their feet. Ew. Feet.

It's that one glass of wine while you wait for your friend to show up at the bar.

Decorating the tree with some fat, orange help.

Home is where the fur is.

Taken earlier today ... You can see the Daytona Speedway from the airport gate!

Hotlanta airport.

Spectacular day in downtown Los Angeles. Everything is clean and shiny from the rain.

Loved on This Week. Oh yeah.

Bob is trash talking about the cat across the alley.

Waiting on the subway at night.

Downtown Los Angeles at night.

And if you're in D.C. you have to get your espionage on!

Lots of smells happening here this past weekend.

Me & nephew Andrew in front of the White House. Also he is 10 and almost as tall as I am. Shorties unite.

Even the view from the airport was beautiful. (where was I? Scan the background ...)

Weather is colorful!

I am totally changing my name to Merlot Hooker.

Check out that NAME, people!

L.A. street tough kitten now lying on fluffy heating pad.

so have I, by the way.

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