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Comedian seen on Sex and The City, King of Queens, The Roast of Gene Simmons... soon to be heard on Family Guy and a regular on The Howard Stern Show

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FROM GAME 7 - This is the top of the head of The Big Black Dude from The Green Mile. Great pic, right?

  • 2173 days ago via phone
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A very gay picture I took after my recording session @ the Family Guy headquarters...

  • 2181 days ago via phone
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A pic from the last time I spoke with Ronnie James Dio, a HUGE comedy fan who always loved a good joke and a great story... Rest In Peace, friend.

  • 2205 days ago via site
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Took this pic on Cinco De Mayo at The Suns game in Phoenix. Can you find the two people who should be asked for their papers?

  • 2215 days ago via phone
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Last night, during Pearl Jam's rehearsal in Kansas City, they were greeted by a local Junior Cheerleading Squad (long story)...

  • 2218 days ago via phone
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Went to Gene Simmon's house today (long story), and when nobody was looking, I HAD to do this...

  • 2250 days ago via phone
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Wanna see a picture of the asshole who stole my cell phone, then was STUPID enough to take a picture of himself w/ my phone?

  • 2266 days ago via phone
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Best view ever... Just arrived in Hawaii for the big birthday this Monday!

  • 2299 days ago via phone
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Here's another pic from after the really cool moment I had with Kevin James and Adam Sandler at The Super Bowl last week...

  • 2300 days ago via phone
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Kevin James, who I already owe, did a cool move today when he asked me to do my Adam Sandler for Sandler during this interview today...

  • 2306 days ago via phone
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From my cross-country drive last week- I actually saw this in Odessa...

  • 2367 days ago via phone
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Here's my buddy Skippy and I acting like jackasses in The Grotto at The Playboy Mansion...

  • 2392 days ago via phone
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And this is the special memento I get from The St. Louis Cardinals to commemorate the occasion...

  • 2444 days ago via site
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To everyone's shock (including mine) I actually threw a friggin' STRIKE and began celebrating!

  • 2444 days ago via site
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Slow walk to the mound for the BIG MOMENT!

  • 2444 days ago via site
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They insist on putting your giant head on the big screen so they know who to yell at if you screw up...

  • 2444 days ago via site
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Tony Larussa said, "Remember, this is the most important throw of your life. Don't screw it up". Not very helpful...

  • 2444 days ago via site
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  • 2445 days ago via phone
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Kanye was on my flight to NYC a few days before the VMA's. He did something dicky enough to get these looks from people.

  • 2450 days ago via site
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Me molesting Lois Griffin at the offices of "Family Guy" after my recording session for "The Cleveland Show"

  • 2455 days ago via site
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