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went to Google Aslan, and look what came up...

  • 2009 days ago via site
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To the designers of this toy: from the bottom of my heart... I hope when you go to hell it's there waiting

F-me ...

poster I wore around my neck on Halloween 2010 (I was Agent Smith, didn't want to be confused with Will Smith :)

  • 2023 days ago via site
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Colp and a very large beer (Haufbrauhaus in Vegas)

  • 2030 days ago via site
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Have a feeling getting up was the easy part...

It's just a degree or two to steep for me and not as much friction as I thought

Am I over here? Or am I over here?

Webslinger #2 I didn't even photoshop those matrix hands of his

Daughter: when we get home can I watch Spiderman but with my Spiderman costume on? -- awesome

Steam for Mac when installing Left4Dead 2... where can I get a 0.00 Ghz CPU these days?

one of the first things you should do when you get a Mac...

OSX Keyboard Symbols

  • 2052 days ago via site
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The ad at the top of the screen, is Echofon trying to tell me something? It's way of getting me to pay to get rid of ads?

Showing 150%, but seeds much longer

  • 2058 days ago via site
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you won't f'ing believe this dude, who's the guy on the left?

You're welcome :)

  • 2122 days ago via site
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thought I'd share this pic of my kids finding Crazy Skeleton :)

  • 2124 days ago via site
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