Elizabeth Herring


when life rains on your parade, bring out the slip & slide!

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sick & all you looked great on Chica! feel better & see you on Sunday! #RHOA

Our Yorkie Chicky won 15th place @ The Halloween Dog Parade in the EastVillage!

Guilty! on the dressing the pooch for Halloween!

hey Wendy, you should go as Flo this Halloween! #howyoudoin #Bumpitsthatrock

#ff of the week: hey it's ~> the progressive lady! Chica has the fiercest #Bumpit

so I'm walking downtown & who do I see in the news bin? Yeppers ~> #LearningAnnex #TurtleTime

it's Friday Chicas! Baci Baci & abrazos! Enjoy

congrats Chico! looks like ur diligence & hard work is paying off! where can I p/up a bag in NYC?

here's hoping you feel better soon & the only advice I can give you is.... 

, & enjoyed u all this season, I take this show w a grain of salt  Remember~>

Happy Friday Chica!  #fflove

haven't done that design yet but here's one for the holidays

props to you Chica for rising above the pettiness & keeping it classy on GMA! Hope others follow!

Happy Friday Chica! #ff #occupytheworld

Happy Friday Chica! #ff #occupytheworld

#ff this Chico if your funny bone needs a tickle!

Solidarity to the protesters #ows & the #99 % #ff #occupywallst #occupytheworld

Steve Jobs made it possible for people no matter their age to embrace technology... #RIP #ff #SteveJobs #visionary