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If music be the food of love, play on. - Shakespeare

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Guess where I am... #soclose

Look, palm trees, bitches!! We're in Georgia now! #soclose

Saturday nights with and the crew #lovingit

I'm feeling very pop punk today.

This is why my dad is way better than yours.

Look at the actors who played the two lead evil children #creepyasfuck

Found this while rummaging around some boxes from years ago and it still works! , you jealous?

I finally found this in my local library and I can't wait to start it!!

It may be my mom's old one, but it doesn't matter because it's mine now! #sohappy


This was SUCH a good show!! #Wicked

I don't know what it is, but it looks awesome

if I hadn't just spent all my money on that pokemon game, I would totally get you this hahah

Aw yeah. Living that protein shake life.

#Christmas #soexcited

Opened up my Christmas Eve present... I have the best brother ever #fact

Yeah right.

Anyone good with computers know what the hell this is supposed to mean? #computerlessandpissedoff

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