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I question everything that doesn't look right. By day, I build and change software. By night, I change the world.

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Here's my solution to the TV screen problem: It's needs to be trianglular, so you view a flat screen at any angle.

Here's something cool from Canada, when they made a hospital ward extraterritorial for the Dutch royal family in WW2.

Hyundai UK just backed down over the suicide advert…

We are unanimous, it seems…

Here's how irritatingly wrong that CNN Money article is.

When mathematicians cook…

Just after I was born, the photo "The Blue Marble" was taken. Now we have this photo.

Meanwhile at The Ulster Gazette, a headline writer deserves a promotion…

*falls off chair laughing*
This just came up on iTunes for 1st time in months…

Have to laugh at stuff like the attached. Noone wants it? Rubbish! You can't find it in the city right now!

I missed labelling one item: Here's that slide again. It's all hardware, except for UK, USA and Chinese telcos.

This slide from Facebook says a lot. No mention of Rogers/Bell Canada/NTT DoCoMo/SoftBank/etc.

This HTC First is the most iPhone looking Android phone I've seen.

2014 News Story of the year prediction: Law suit.

Yep… The more I look at this, the GO vehicle is an older design of the one on the left. This must be a cost issue.

For anyone that hasn't seen a modern double-decker recently.

Here's an old DAF DB250LF for comparison.

This is a picture of GO Transit's new double-deckers… The one on the right really looks like an old DAF DB250LF.

Magically I finally made it to 60, after hovering around 58 for two months. #klout