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Adelina, 15y, Sweden.. JLH's lovely :) I'm NOT only human, because it's beyond humanity to love someone the way I love you.. All of you ♥ SI awareness..

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could you please help me to get Jen to see this? I'd mean the world to me! nothing worked it's way to her yet ^.^

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I love snow, it's so gorgeous. Pleeeeeaase let it stay at least until christmas :')

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you're awesome, I love u guys.

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oh, how I want this one to be real.. I guess I'll just have to draw it on until then.

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:'D #2

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:D <3

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Well, this was made before I discovered Photoshop..

Jen's my inspiration, my sould and my everything.
And I gotta get everything I want to say out now, because if you (Jen) ever read this, it's my one and only chance.
It's important to me that you know how loved you are. By me, by everyone.
You're so talented, so beautiful inside and out.
I've written the looooongest letter to you, it's mora than 50 pages for sure, but I never dare to send it to you because I'm afraid. That you won't get it, that I wasted it all. That it gets lost, that you'll never know.
Words ccanever explain how you were my light when all I saw was darkness.


Strong, deep emotions are very difficult, if not impossible, to turn into words on a piece of paper.. so I guess I'll just hace to rely on the fact that you know the feeling yourself. You know, that one person that's your light when all you see is darkness, and the person that's in your heart and ion your mind no matter where you are or what you do. The person you love with your heart, your body and your entire soul and spirit.
That's who you are to me.
That what you are to me.
Simply everything.

I love you.
/Adelina, 14, Sweden

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Swingie (L)

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A LOONG video of me &amp; friend. You don&#039;t need to watch it, really. &lt;3

A LOONG video of me & friend. You don't need to watch it, really. <3

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Me, Myself & I..

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Me & My Best Friend A Few Moths Ago.. :)

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Ma' Love. SO beautiful.. <3

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These are probably the most amazing people and best role models EVER.
I love them soo much. They're my purpose. ♥

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