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Freelance journalist. TV columnist. Once had a column in The Sun. Once beat Eddie The Eagle Edwards in an arcade ski race.

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Anyone ever had a Twitter crossed line before? Check 's tweets. Then check this. No fat jokes, please..

Look at the shaft on that...

This. FFS...

The hospital are letting me take a little something home with me...

Be warned. I may tweet about TV again tonight, having invested in this widescreen mega beast...

Did that photo work? If not, this. The essence of #HelicopterCricket...

Hence, I can't say too much at this stage about the rules of #HelicopterCricket. But it involves this iPhone game and a pen..

Taking no chances with the delights today's hospital dinner trolley will offer. Got this in the cafe. #obesitycrisis

The perfect night in...

And just to prove I'm not under a duvet, flowery or otherwise, on a recliner sofa on a Saturday night with my mate...

It doesn't translate very well without HD (it's +1) but the bottom part of Riley's dress is see-through.

Ze first taste... is with ze eye. Eat your heart out, Bear Grylls. #BornSurvivor.

Bought a new shorthand pad from Tesco, which comes with this guide for the criminally stupid.

Mess with me and you mess with Couch Potato-san. #waxonwaxoff

Lunch hath arrived. There are only four of us.

I'm in Bournemouth, where that poor Red Arrows bugger died. There are tributes on the seafront. Hope he was a fan of AA Milne.

My view. Or heaven, as it's otherwise known.

Yes, I've had a bit to drink. And how are you?

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