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I am the leather jacket, black glasses, all American bad girl.

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Check out the #EatingforAbs difference It is time to turn up

Of course liked that comment. Why would he not?

I'm going to have to admit to a degree of judgement about this TripAdvisor ranking

Me & re: the pretty, Creole 23yr old I acquired in NOLA

This ginger was ruggedly handsome. Owww.

Good grief. This looks exhausting.

OMG, Soapy!!!

This morning I had to explain to *someone* what this was and how to get the words out...

Biiiig piiiimpin...

This joker is campaiging HOOOAARRRD!!! He keeps saying #shebad

Awwww yeeaahhh

This is the msg I got f/ some random on FB who poked & tagged me in a comment to get my attn #fareals?

Okay, wait, WHAT!?!? Enrique!!

Her shoes are satin. Why you got on evening shoes w/ a casual outfit? In the daytime? At the airport?


Pimm's cup!

This dude flossy

I'm a quarter way through this book and I think the god of wine & ecstasy might actually be Sterling Archer.

Purse & swag bag dump.... What'd YOU do last night?

Fall asleep in the sun & this is what you get!

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