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So the correct way to put it is that the LHC found "a new, narrow resonance at a mass near 126.5 GeV" - that's all that can be said with *certainty* at this stage. (From a July 9 ICHEP 2012 ATLAS plenary talk.)

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So that's how LHC ATLAS Higgs viewgraphs look like when they are NOT in Comic Sans ...from the #ICHEP2012 plenary talk under way now, webcast via http://webcast.web.cern.ch/webcast/play.php?type=live&event=181298

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Georg Christoph Silberschlag's report on his observations of the Transit of Venus of 1761, published exactly one week after the event in a supplement to a German newspaper. At the end he briefly mentions effects that he as well as an editorial comment identify as clear evidence for a Cytherean atmosphere. This is the first such report to appear in print, one month ahead of Lomonosov's in Russian; whether Silberschlag, Lomonosov or others at the time *really* saw Venus' atmosphere is currently under dispute.

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What is for space nerds - a yellow rubber chicken appearing at key events - this green watering can has become for rock concerts in Germany, like here by Benzin at Bochum Total on 7 July: The Gießkanne - http://www.derwesten.de/staedte/bochum/die-giesskanne-ist-bochums-neues-partyluder-id4906092.html - even has a Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/DieGiesskanne ...

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Not a space launch control console but simply the keyboards Stephen http://www.parsick.com brought to the planetarium in Bochum tonight for a concert under the stars (or rather galaxy large scale structure in fulldome video projection).

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It's only rock'n roll baby ... caught this classic scene with the audience doing the sign of the horns - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sign_of_the_horns#Contemporary_use_by_musicians_and_fans for context - at a concert by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakkushan at http://www.bochum-total.de on July 6.

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This just in - the Universe is *way* smaller than we all thought, like by a factor a billion ... :-) What they really wanted to say here: http://alma.mtk.nao.ac.jp/e/news/pressrelease/20120621124.html ...

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Looming clouds on the evening of 21 June over Bochum, Germany, as seen from Witten - nothing ominous happening later, though.

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Confusing sky colors in the North at 51.5°N and going towards local midnight tonite, seen from Witten-Herbede looking towards Bochum, Germany. IMHO we are only seeing eternal dusk plus clouds illuminated by both towns and none of the NLC that are already appearing as http://www.meteoros.de/php/viewtopic.php?t=9578 reports from even farther north.

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It's a jungle out there ... actually just some flowers on the balcony, but in dramatic forward-scattered light.

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Rabbit encounter today in the http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stadtpark_Bochum ...

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Caught this view of a plane over a thunderstorm cloud today at 38,000 ft from another plane going from RHO to NRN i.e. in the opposite direction - see http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3593899201051.2135546.1080556720&type=1&l=1b23ba6d4b for more pictures taken during that flight!

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Mercury setting on the hills of Gennadi, Rhodes, Greece, on June 8 - at 36°N it's now an easy sight. See http://bonnstern.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/merkur-mondaufgang-milchstrase-immer-noch-mehr-astronomie-auf-dem-rhodos-trip (top) and http://bonnstern.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/turbulente-fortsetzung-des-laaangen-transit-tages-auf-rhodos (near bottom) for the view 1 and 2 days earlier.

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Sunrise over the Lindos peninsula of Rhodos - with Venus smack in front of it! The scene about 10 minutes ago.

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How the transit of Venus is playing out on http://spaceweather.com/gallery at 23:18 UTC - and 'our' late pre-transit Venus ring http://twitpic.com/9t2jen is mixed right in ... :-)

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Incredible but real: Venus 9.5 hours prior to the onset of the 2012 Transit, captured by Tobias Kampschulte with a refractor in Gennadi, Rhodes, Greece, while the extremely close Sun was partially hidden by a house wall. The good interval lasted only 4 minutes, but enough video frames could be collected to make this quick sum image possible. See http://bonnstern.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/gestatten-die-venus-9-stunden-vor-dem-transit for the instrumental set-up.

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Venus is now a closed ring! After some image processing the complete 360° glow of the planet's atmosphere is obvious in this view obtained around noon on June 4 from the Greek island of Rhodes by Tobias Kampschulte who added the 2% best of 3000 DMK video frames obtained with a 14-cm refractor (stopped down to 11 cm) and a green filter and sharpened the sum image; I then cranked up the contrast. Cool, eh? See http://bonnstern.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/noch-mehr-rhodos-venusse-eine-erste-landpartie-und-eine-feurige-herausforderung for how this was accomplished.

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Doesn't look like much yet, but most of this gear will transform into a big Transit of Venus refractor once Rhodes is reached later on Sunday. Weather prospects are excellent, in contrast to Germany which we are happily leaving behind.

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How the Kavli Prize for Kuiper Belt key discoveries was *really* announced at 13:03 UTC or so.

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