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Encounter with an Airbus A 380 over NW Australia (2/3): Earth shadow rising, but the plane still in the Sun.

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Encounter with an Airbus A 380 over NW Australia, just as the sun set there last evening (1/3): airplane close-up.

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Arrival of the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Voyager_of_the_Seas - at 311 meters one of the largest cruise ships - in Sydney in the evening of 22 November; this autostitch-ed panorama shows her smack between the Harbor Bridge and the Opera. 'Events' like this still bring out thousands of spectators here, plus a news helicopter.

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The #MarsNonNews are so big even one of those free commuter newspapers has joined the speculation: article in the Nov. 22 evening edition of "Australia's brightest new medium" http://www.mxnet.com.au just picked up in Sydney.

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Panorama of the Uluru from close up, near the Mutitjulu water hole, autostitched from several wide-angle images.

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Dramatic clouds over the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, preventing the celebrated sunset color effects, dito for sunrise, though.

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Funny mirage effects over a sizzling hot road in the Northern Territory's 'red center': note through how many channels the light from the car headlights reaches the camera!

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Sunset panorama (with autostitch) from Sydney on 21 November where the Celebrity Millennium had arrived minutes ago - she has been on a successful eclipse-hunting trip covered e.g. in http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/home/Totality-Down-Under-179282811.html

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Bye, bye, tropical Australia! Dramatic post-sunset colors on 18 November seen from Darwin, NT - next morning we'll head for the Red Center

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That was totality of the #CairnsEclipse this morning from Wangetty Beach - seen in http://twitpic.com/bculb1 - without the Sun: a cloud covered it for the crucial two minutes while the slender solar crescent was seen just seconds before 2nd and after 3rd contact thru cloud holes not placed well..

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Will this be the place where my group will observe the #CairnsEclipse in 9 hours? Topograpy and vague climate arguments seem to favor this beach (finding out which one it is is left as an exercise to the viewer :-), but it could be too crowded too early. Soon we'll know ...

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Crazy Cairns 39 hours prior to the #CairnsEclipse... there just was bright sunshine and rain at the same time -> note the low rainbow segment next to the building on the right.

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The skyline of Singapore, autostitch-ed from four wide-angle pictures taken tonight from the Singapore Flyer, currently the world's largest Ferris wheel, while near the peak ~165 meters over the city.

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The first "astronomical" photograph from the eclipse journey to Australia: Jupiter over Singapore tonight! Was a one-object sky, though ... :-) See http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4251381757704.2150184.1080556720&type=1 for more impressions in the first hours of this 2-day stop-over!

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How cool is that?! An Australian optics company creates a nice infographic about the upcoming solar eclipse but with a mistake labeling the eclipse contacts, I point it out to them - and they swiftly correct it and even credit me (lower left).

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Comet 168P/Hergenrother minutes ago (i.e. around 1:10-15 UTC on 21 October 2012) imaged with one of the SLOOH telescopes in color during an 11-hour live event, ongoing at http://events.slooh.com - the comet is of particular interest tonight because its nucleus may have split: http://www.arksky.org/smf/index.php/topic,2065.0.html (and the central coma does indeed look pretty elongated here).

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Jay Pasachoff discussing the three transits(!) of Venus in 2012 at the final #DPS2012 press conference: they observed not only the one from Earth on June 6 (where they got 680,000 pictures from Halekala) but also one on Sep. 20 by monitoring Jupiter with Hubble (data analysis pending). And in December Cassini will watch one from Saturn's orbit.

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Ha, "my" first picture of Endeavour on the road, from the stream http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/livenow?id=8845482 - still a bit of light in LA.

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Sorry for this vanity TwitPic, but my Cosmos4u / Planetary Society rant is now "featured" on PTTU - together with Mr. Baumgartner ... :-) See http://www.planetary.org/blogs/guest-blogs/20121010-fischer-composite-astrophotos.html for the story and http://www.portaltotheuniverse.org/blogs/posts/featured for the Portal to the Universe featured posts.

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You might want to sell this as modern art ... but it's actually just a crappy old DVB-T receiver (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial) getting stuck in a particularly colorful way. During an episode of "CSI: Miami", if you want to know ...

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