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also from A. Belmonte's #iya2009 presentation: He sees a lot of sighting lines on the Giza plateau between the big pyramids; not sure how well established this interpretation is.

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an earlier slide from Belmonte's presentation on archaeoastronomy at the #iya2009 opening, showing the Moai of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) during an Orion watching party.

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the final slide of a tour-de-force through archaeoastronomy by A. Belmonte at the #iya2009 opening in Paris.

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from a presentation by Franco Pacini at the #iya2009 opening: an interesting multi-cultural astronomy project for children.

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what the legacy of the #iya2009 should be; from the talk by C. Cesarsky at the Paris inauguration ceremony right now.

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apparently aliens should think twice before heading to N. Ireland. Or what did the designers of this web page at the Belfast Telegraph (http://is.gd/fVxi) have in mind ...? :-)

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one more still from the fascinating cat cam at http://is.gd/fHqZ - two healthy little ones, it seems.

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Only on the Internet ... can you follow live - via http://is.gd/fHqZ - a cat giving birth. Interesting age we live in.

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as this plot from http://twittercounter.com shows, compared to several other twitterers I checked, my follower count is growing in an *extremely* linear fashion - does that mean anything? :-)

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Reinhard Genzel talking about his research (http://is.gd/f4za) into the center of our Galaxy and the apparent supermassive black hole there, in a colloquium on 9 January 2009 at the Physics Institute of Bonn University.

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this is what a Nobel Prize looks like: the original document Wolfgang Paul - http://is.gd/f4wj - received in 1989.

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wanna beat the LHC? Found this announcement today in Bonn University's Physics Department: Go Tevatron!

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how German physicists build a snowman ... seen in front of Bonn University's Physics Institute.

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what was the Google ads robot thinking here? Feuerbacher (in a YouTube interview) is a senior German space scientist!

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after a lengthy "operation" the jaws have been cut out - and the show from Auckland is over after 2:20.

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another nice view of the necropsied shark being given a hug - finally they're gonna cut her jaws out.

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they've turned "her" around so that everyone can pet the shark, now that the necropsy is complete.

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nice close-up of the jaws of the small female shark whose necropsy can still be seen live on .

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there you have it: Only digested fish in its stomach (or what did *you* expect) ...

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shark necropsy in Auckland progressing, doesn't seem to have eaten much.

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