I bleed in six colors.

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Happy happy birthday, !!!  &Darcie

My nabe is saccharine after it snows thrice. Eastern Parkway, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York.

Aunty Janet, Uncle Rub: who's the on stage escort girl? YOWZA!

My beautiful, snowy neighborhood this morning. Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NYC.

3 hours. Still in south CT. :(

Google Maps says It'll probably be another 3+ hours. I'm guessing 9pm or later. We're still in CT. :(

The snow was coming down pretty heavily, but now seems to be dying down. World Trade Center, Manhattan, New York

Find 's punchline: Bond Boom Lifts Moody's. Hint: chart.

Unending food, 6 gin sodas, a 68-inch lie-flat bed, I woke to warm cookies, a warm congac—I <3 First

Checked in for my flight on tomorrow—already thinking about coming home…

New year… New adventures!

I'm staying with fam.

Seriously, Pajama Jeans!?

You get a window office because they never want you to go outside.

I don't mean to brag—we always say this when we do—but my nabe is pretty… Prospect Heights, Brooklyn first snow!

NYC Morning Snow in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn :)

My número uno, early adopter, hard to find, first gen, want it bad tech toy is 26% off at Apple! #expensivehabits

So cool!!! “: Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Operation $10 Amazon

Spoke with , then Cumquat, then —contemplatively gazing out my office window onto Market St. SF

West 23rd Street and 10th Avenue