I bleed in six colors.

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Live from , featured on ! “Let's get #SFGRing trending fans!”

This is the 2nd time: the comp movie won't play. DL 2040 22A 05 Apr SFO/JFK

Flight 127, 01 April, JFK-SFO. The in flight entertainment didn't work in 39C (and 39B). GE006D

I'll kinda miss the distracting construction at 1 World Trade Center. #TinyPeople

Resignation, complete—w00t!!! (Fun fact: I was one of three people to resign today.)

A friend—I took her NYC office—wants me to come in… Institutional or private wealth? #FeelBadly #PoorTiming #Argh

Open me.

As an iPhone promotion, AT&T confirmed the +1,000 promo Rollover Minutes on top of the thousands I'll never use.

Intensely working, she invokes a deep passion for her mission and life's love: music and fashion. <3

Step one to success at a super interview against multiple candidates: don't show up late… staring out my window.

My heart completely melted away… I can't wait for fall MbMJ!!! #WillTweetForMarc

The red boots… if any man saw a lady donning these… he'd have a heart attack. #WillTweetForMarc

Impeccable detail, tailoring on the lady in red—truly flatters her silhouette! #WillTweetForMarc

#attfail on so many levels. “ AT&T Multi-Million Dollar Business Ad Campaign:

Have iPad?… just updated their app… with HBO and Showtime On Demand streaming!!! #mylifeisruined

You can barely spot the Red Balloon Fountain outside my office.

The best part: I'm just leaving to go to work right now. Hella snow.

His new TV read Acquiring Satellite Signal…Searching. "I don't know what the hell is taking so long… Ugh, c'mon."