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Perfect for a lazy post-holiday weekend Tuesday: ’ POOLSIDE Mix

Arriving home to playing in the departure lobby. I love !

The outdoor section of the Audi Yankees Club, with the sound of the fans and without the voice of Joe Buck.

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"Who eats chocolate-covered strawberries at a baseball game?"

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"Who eats chocolate-covered strawberries at a baseball game?"

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Who eats chocolate-dipped strawberries at a baseball game?

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New this morning: Apple Store Grand Central's new entrance?

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Hundreds of cops and secret police, no vehicle access east of 2nd Avenue, and a police escort lane for tons of cars...

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With absolute class, an intern thoughtfully sent me a thank you note. #Fulfillment #JobSatisfaction

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OMFG… This is the most awesome signed mixtape collection EVARRR! #Hella #Mad #Crazy #Cool

Northwest corner of Park Avenue, near 49th Street, Midtown Manhattan, New York

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Not a great photo--thank you, Palm Pixi Plus webOS--but here they are. They're magical in person! #Manolos #ManoloBlahnik

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"I've never used this stuff before, does it work?" 4x01 Box Cutter #OMFG

Uncool--Literally #NYC #NewYork #Manhattan #Heat #Humidity #Dislike

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Love and happiness. #Filipino #Pastries

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One year ago, my favorite niece sat atop my shoulders. Tonight, I wish I were at home with Chloe, celebrating our nation's birth. #MissYou

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Free milk at when you check-in on ... and can't do that!!!

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Le sigh. #ImHere

Apple iPad 3G + + + on (no WiFi) = 'Lost in Translation'

Chris Brown (Cover by ) - Look At Me Now