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Why the fuck would I share all this info with a random app.? God you are so stupid.

  • 1777 days ago via site
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What a dick move. The image was a beautiful, TASTEFUL, nude family portrait.

  • 1781 days ago via site
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Watchoo talkin' 'bout Willis???

  • 1782 days ago via site
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Visual Rick Roll?

  • 1784 days ago via site
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Helping my bff shop for an engagement ring online. That's love ya'll.

Hey - you were a lot cooler when your "restaurants" looked like this!

  • 1789 days ago via site
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Challah back ya'll! Wtf IS this?!

  • 1789 days ago via site
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Fuck you facebook.

  • 1790 days ago via site
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Dang, we're so hot.

  • 1790 days ago via site
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Tried to stretch out my fave jeans today. Clearly I failed. Anyone got a good jean doctor in NYC?


  • 1794 days ago via site
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Your legend continues...

  • 1796 days ago via site
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How the hell did I ever think Tevin Campbell was straight?!

Hey , where the fuck is the 34c/d? Are you for real with these sizes right now?! #CalvinKlein

  • 1797 days ago via site
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Look at this pink-wearing, popped-collar loser. Yup, he wreaks of cologne too

Late night baking round 2: Snickerdoodles

Proof of my awesomeness.

People often ask me why I wanna get white ink. This is why...cuz it's look's so DOPE! (my girl Roxanne's back)

  • 1806 days ago via site
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No, thank YOU #HolidayInnExpress. I'll be seeing you plenty in the next couple of months. Keep up the good work.

  • 1807 days ago via site
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My AD sends this to me and goes "Look, I cooked breakfast this morning!" And this is why I LOVE my team. LMAO.

  • 1808 days ago via site
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