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90% of people were put on this earth to complicate things. The other 10% were put here to mock them and make cool stuff.

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I'll ask him, but no guarantees. The boy goes where he likes, when he likes.

no can do, my other climbing partner is waiting for me. We need to check her off by Xmas though.

It's just sitting there mocking me. It has been all week. , we need to remedy this situation ASAP.

Thinking about wearing what's left of my Ladies Auxiliary skin-suit to work on Monday. It's just comfy.

Aaahahahhahaha, eat a ween, Blogger.

really? Just now? You fucking wank.

I SAID: Classing it the fuck up with at house.

Classing it the fuck up with at house.

I am the 35%.

If this were my Halloween costume, would you get it?

stumbled upon my Halloween costume last night. Well done jeffe -

The best part about racing back to back heats? Breakaway numbers.

you know how to pick them mama -

Fairly certain just saved my life:

Fairly certain just saved my life.

where the f-word ARE you?

Clearly in Portland.

I wish you were here .

, jealous much? , Sal and myself will be making the call all winter long -

I'm right here.