Mrs C


Four beautiful Spanish rescue kitties: Nutmeg, Clover, blind Lily & Henry, and Mrs C, the typist :-)

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[slightly dusty] wine glass & brandy glass, both sadly empty! #wlfWinos!

I'm gonna ask if I cn have this @ C&T #wlf

CLOVER: All fur coat... ;-) #wlf

And I saw something today you'd like! Urgh! *shudders*

And these! I like these :-)

And these ones just sit on walls!

I've seen some pics of the moffs! I got a moff pic! They eat geraniums... ;-)

I Googled "photo of Essex lion" & got this (from The Sun!)... Looks like a dog!

A gentle giant, Wids :-) #wlf

Dunno what Briwax is... This is Cabinetmaker wax, nourishes, protects & restores:

...and waxed! Feels like satin now :-D

Tabletop stripped of sticky, rubbery stuff. Didn't have to sand it, so kept patina :-)

I've blutacked one up for now... #wlf

Henry kitten: It's a hot, lazy day :-) #wlf

Maybe TweetDeck has parental control settings on it... Snork! Try this, it's via TwitPic: #wlf

Hmn... And Clover is looking very tired, oddly... #wlf

Henry... TOTALLY flaked out :-) #wlf