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There's a in my house ^_^

Did I tell you about the time that sent me an email? I never heard back from them after this:

Guess who just spent the morning hammering fairy lights into the wall of his office?

Me and some other lovely people before we handed over a GIANT CHARTER to Downing Street today. Photo by Georgie Scott.

Oh hey, I finished the Wall of Stuff 3.0! :D

Planning for my new video is going well.

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you the beautiful sunset happening outside my window right now:

Accidentally typed "Han Harmon" when searching for you on twitter, and so (naturally) made this.

Staying in a hotel room with my brother. It seems as though his bubble bath has gone ever so slightly awry.

Victory! Now to go kill Ganondorf, or whatever.

Almost there…

Took down The Wall Of Stuff 2.0 this evening in preparation for moving house. Photo not for the faint-hearted.

I can't link to the article unfortunately (it's behind a paywall) but here's a photo!

Also this:

How to take photos of things for twitter, by Charlie McDonnell:

Almost forgot I took this: Me pretending to be backstage at #vidcon

Came home to find this thing standing in my bathroom. Absolutely terrifying. Thanks :P

A Still from my new video, which is uploading now and should be live in the next half hour or so.

Just did an interview with Nick Briggs (the voice of the Daleks) about Chameleon Circuit! Here we are looking awkward: