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donut-obsessive, coffee-compulsive. plays well with others but runs with scissors. public historian. queer. feminist. academic. tweeting life's marginalia.

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latke factory, part two:

latke factory, part one:

to wit: the new wing of the humanities library. scholarly nirvana and a million miles from the rest of the south side.

the celery queen retains her crown. and, that *is* celariac in my pocket, but i'm also quite happy to see you.

one of my teens is organizing an occupy protest at his ROTC campus.

marilyn's afternoon.

a perfect, sun-dappled monday afternoon in the community garden, calexico crooning through earbuds, cover letter edits.

the working day is done, and the girls, and i, just wanna have fun. #feetup #daneporn

brunching with the sassy silver set. mom unit and aunt grace, looking fine.

folwell hall: site of cultural studies dept, my political & intellectual radicalization, & bond with .

ummmm, this walk:

campus dentata.

pride weekend in champaign-urbana, rainbow bouncy castle and all.

nothing says holiday like a hot doug's chicago-style tofu pup.

for the gayest going away party ever: unicorn poop. tastes like rainbows. Glitters like an MF.

tonight's libation: hard hearted hannah, she's the vamp of savannah. bourbon, 's ginger, peach & mint.

The American Gothic house in Eldon, IA left me with the strangest melancholia.

if one only drinks 8 beers a year, one ought to make it a kenyan, awesome label inclusive.

nothing new to report here, folks. it still seems to be fireworks time.

the good part of tonight: mucca pazza, a 30 member marching band, cheerleading dance squad inclusive.

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