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you should be ashamed allowing the Citizens to be in such danger! FIRE the EM! #ALWX no siren

That we didn't have ANY siren warning from this storm is INEXCUSABLE - You should be FIRED and NOW

Much to their surprise, the virgins awaiting Muslims in Heaven were not quite what they expected.

cat carrier case, Check; favorite rooster food, Check; fish net, Check; one tall Heineken, Check. OPERATION HARRY-T

Cedar Bluff, AL #ALWX Normal storm coming through.

Double Rainbow in Cedar Bluff, AL right now #ALWX #TWC Alabama, the Beautiful!

Thank you Thank You - THANK YOU ALL FOR MY FREEDOM & the right 2 do what I enjoy #Veterans #Day

Yes, we can Can we be punished for what we say on Twitter? #d2m1 question from the floor

How to use #SMEM book Social Media, Crisis Communications & Emergency Mgmt #hurricane available thru amazon

TeamWork - How to manage a disaster - #hurricane #sandy #AP photo

Ready for my 8 hour drive tomorrow - Proud to present at Indiana School Safety Academy on #sm Oct.30

using #hurricane hashtag to Promote survey DURING event- forcing it on you and taking up space #fail

NWS Twitter Hashtags #weather and Icons

The Review is In! Accepted to IJISCRAM - A Holistic Approach to Implementing Social Media into Emergency Operations - Cats love it!

My assistant - so devoted, dedicated, works non-stop - Brando - #adopt #adult #cats

Godiva Destin closed during Hurricane #Isaac - NO CHOCOLATE! NOOO - has since reopened! #FLWX

#Hurricane #Isaac Gulf Coast wave action in #Destin #FL #FLWX pic

#ISCRAM Social Media is NOT a magic wand - it's DATA => put it where it goes for effective decision making #Sahana

#ISCRAM Summer School Students - Some Food for Thought - SMEM Model for Sahana Module - any thoughts?