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Singer, Philosopher, Inker...not necessarily in that order. Also I love football #LoveMyBucs

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Yay draft! I have my football smile back. And how much do I love Jon Gruden? #NFLDraft #LoveMyBucs

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A Secretary is Not a Toy...


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Before and after of my hair appointment. Also - why I should always wear make-up...

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I'm in RED today to support marriage equality & everyone fighting hard for it, how 'bout you? <3

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Pretty sure this is how Galinda with a GA rocks St Patty's. Note #PinkGoesGoodWithGreen nails. #WIcked

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I was informed that it's Mustache March, thought I'd give it a try. #PulllingThisOff

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In #Arrow inspired outfit today. Love those Merlyn boys Girl + Merlyn = #Girlyn

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Getting ready to run some wedding errands. We shared my diet breakfast :-)

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I'm a bit of a pouty pirate today, wish my #Bucs were playing. I HATE the 49ers so i'll root for the Ravens.

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Picked up a new lipstick shade for 's wedding.

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There were many football posts this weekend. As a reminder I'm a girl here's a pic of me in a sparkly evening gown

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Tried a new smoothie recipe on my diet. Never again, it was horrible and jiggled in a scary way. Showing here.

Tried a new smoothie recipe on my diet. Never again, it was horrible and jiggled in a scary way. Showing here.

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I bet on Week 4 #Bucs/#Skins game. I'm posting me in #Redskins colors, in hopes I get a get out of HAIL free card.

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Watched my first Sylvester McCoy #DoctorWho episodes. My take away? Fezzes have ALWAYS been cool. Even in the 80s...and the 80s got almost nothing right. And Ace was probably Britain's answer to Kelly Kapowski.

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Shirt my cousin got me from - somehow entirely perfect. It says "I'm the PINK sheep of my family" :-D

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Breaking my no inking during #Bucs games rule. Lets hope I don't destroy these pages with my...enthusiasm.

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My mother and I in snow caps, because California is FREEZING right now and it's adorable.

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Not based on me, but I did ink her! From #1 in comic shops today, pick it up! #IInkThereforIAm

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Super exhausted. Gonna try to stay awake through this game. #LoveMyBucs & y'all know how I feel about the Saints.

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Calm today. I believe in my #Bucs and I believe I'm on Valium. #LoveMyBucs

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