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here is a lovely bath pic from

Excerpt from interview with

holy shit! someone tried to Breaking Bad the President? #Ricin

OH COME THE FUCK ON… #bostonmarathon

i MUST see this movie today. Can u point me to the IMDB page?

Can't find "Evafin"

#ripROGEREBERT I was confused by this… no disrespect intended.

Best use of social media. period.

with #iswear

Gay Agenda.

What's that u say? Is the Blinkered on IMDB us? wellllllll…. You're GOD DAMN RIGHT IT IS

Sawyer has no lack of emotional range.

Jimspect (verb)

To show jim regard or consideration.

EX: Have a little jimspect, he's down to 212.

Annoying ass ebay users…

I've done everything you wanted me to do… so WHY did you do THIS… TO ME!?? #Lost #BlinkeredComics #JohnLocke

so we r just ignoring the tweet from yesterday where u said u had no interest in that job? k.

Elapsed time since last cigarette.

I didn't want to make Cartoon Dennis too much like Real Dennis… Cartoon Dennis has a coffee cup. #BlinkeredTV

Dennis tries to live the #Lost life. #BlinkeredCartoonStrip

. getting hacked and turned into McDonalds was pretty hilarious, so i took a screenshot before they fix it