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I am a freelance writer/director by trade. I also play the ukulele, ride an orange Vespa, and share a one bedroom apartment with two cats. Yeah, I'm that guy.

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hung with Carolyn today. Got the skinny on Gyllers. I'm about to get Gyller on this shiz!

Japanese earthquake is an 8.9?! So scary. People forget that every Richter Scale # is 10x the strength.

No such luck. Just . Man, they'll let anyone sit in first-class nowadays. #cheers

In the bathroom of my airplane you cannot smoke, however heroine doesn't seem to be an issue. #signs

Took a pickling class tonight at #brooklynbrine. Is "pickling" one syllable or two? Either way, fun class.

"this is the song that ruined our careers" says OMD frontman as they play If You Leave .

I know it's not you but, oh wow.

I know it's not you but, ow wow.

This is the tie I got for his bday that Sammy Roumanian cut off his neck and taped to the wall.

At 's birthday dinner at Sammy's Roumanian Steak House. It doesn't get much schmaltzier than this.

eBay impulse buy -- vintage ship in a bottle kit. This weekend just... got... interesting! #makinstuff

Opening my first box of Kraft Mac&Cheese in 15 yrs. I would have thought they'd've perfected the "open here" tab by now.

Back from the cruise. Like the moon landing, there is evidence our entire vacation was staged. Was still a blast!

Kennedy Space Center, or as the Colonel calls it, KSC. #onacruise

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center. Finally, a day off from MTV... Oh, man...seriously... #onacruise

When in Rome... (and no, I'm not referring to the toga party tonight in the starlight bar). #doingastheromansdo

I just stepped off the island of Manhattan and onto a cruise ship in middle America. Gonna be a long week. #cantbreathe

Oh, look. Another original. It definitely looks better in my hall than in the back of Bagel's closet. #art

Just put up my very first original. Must say, looks pretty dope. Thanks, Bagel! #friendship

Or ukulele band, Uke Group, just finished our second rehearsal. I must say, Don Ho would have been proud. #Ukegroup