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Yep. "remove these pictures from the internet" brings out the best of it

Hedgehog blasphemy is the best there is.

"I live by the river" dum de dum de dum…

The right to bear arms. Doing it right, Mrs Lohan

Now that is a resume

hmm a simulated console in a window doesn't have all the window quirks. Who knew? :)

Oh oh oh, I so remember those.

Portable vinyl player - I don't even…

yep, that is a FAIL

Legit, I am sure.

Manatee battle cry

Symposium and Mekka 2001 Demoparty. Just found a CD with all the photos :)

Canadian Moshpit

Browsers can be bullies:

Red variable star V838 Monocerotis, located about 20,000 light years away and the Firefox icon.

If you have your employer's name and title in your Facebook profile, it might not be clever to post hateful comments

what am I to see there?

the ads google thinks are fitting to your article make me sad:

Well done, Times of India

Not the matrix I remember