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What the hell? Birthday card for a 13 year old telling her when she gets bigger boobies she'll get more presents?

Captchas getting weirder and weirder

Damn those butterflies

Hedgehog! #squeee

Steam pug

Took me a bit.

Mother and daughter - well done!

So that retort by myspacetom is a good answer according to the favorites? Why not "thanks for your data, suckers"?

this. Also, Charlie's Angels quote (the first of the new movies)

VLC's app icon is cute today

Damnit - got me.

It is the end of the world as we know it…

oh I just couldn't resist….

oh I just couldn't resist….

Clever branding positioning means gets a lot out of sponsoring :)
Always add an image!

James Bond Christmas Carol

Genius! How to cut a pizza

Server log analysis used to be insightful. Damn redirects and shortlinks.