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Simple plan

Brushed up my Firefox OS app - now with icon and looks lovely on the device.

Canadians frighten easily. but they'll be back, and in greater numbers

First slide for my talk at - it is a bit awkward.

Well played, Fight Club DVD, well played

Suddenly Starbucks packaging becomes interesting

Hooray for boo bees

Blimey, really promotes your talk…

Don't diss Terry

WALL*E scares Luxo Jr. So cute!

Because music is better shared - the headphones allow a second pair to be plugged into the first one :)

I had to…

Shetland ponies in jumpers

I wonder what the weather in Anonymous Proxy is like

Name all 87 movies - go!

Internet Explorer market share vs. Murder rate in the US. Coincidence?

stop the cyber bullying

So super mario is a game about kidnapping your ex girlfriend