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The helmet is getting really unrecognisable. Heavy too, over 30 lbs. Will be torture to slush cast with it.

  • 972 days ago via site
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I decided to try something new with the texture on Galanoth's helmet. Better? Pink icing > damaged metal.

  • 981 days ago via site
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Galanoth gets his teeth today. That was the last step, now it is off to molding!

  • 985 days ago via site
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Textured Galanoth's helmet today. A mix of hammered paint and beating it with a rock, like a real pro.

  • 989 days ago via site
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all the pieces are coming together, should be done by next week and ready for casting. Who wants to buy it first?

  • 992 days ago via site
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If you who were with me drawing yesterday, success! head is gone until you refresh though. Bonus not bug, right?

  • 993 days ago via site
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Another fun side effect of working with liquid plastic: Magic milk

  • 995 days ago via site
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Made a handful of teeth and cast some copies instead of building them all individually. Silicone, a must have.

  • 996 days ago via site
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  • 1001 days ago via site
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Not much of an update but still progress. Trying to find a way to make the horns detachable for moulding.

  • 1002 days ago via site
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Started working on the Galanoth helmet again. Covering it with filler then sanding. Filler, sanding. Tedious work

  • 1017 days ago via site
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Working on a new costume project. Points to whoever can decipher this madness

  • 1066 days ago via site
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A non AE project I'm working on. I don't get to draw digital a lot so it was nice to practice. Eventually he will be sitting on a ledge, which is why he's in a weird crouched position. Smoking causes rust, don't do it.

  • 1084 days ago via site
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underworld concept

  • 1085 days ago via site
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Geared up for black Friday, although technically I'm in the wrong country.

  • 1162 days ago via site
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Motorcycle fund was a success! Come back next year for the "J6 Jumbo Jet fund".

  • 1170 days ago via site
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updated coin collector armor, any more suggested fixes?

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