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After: still need to hang the closet doors and address the built-in. But dog is happy.

After: redux. With dog.

After - with rugs and more artwork to come.

Before. (A rather flattering before shot, actually.)

Big G looooves Watson, and Watson loves him.

Greyson stops to visit "Watson" on our morning walk.

Big G wants us to put all the furniture back. (Alas, not until tomorrow or Saturday.)

Achievement baby gate: unlocked.

Right now I'm serving as human baby gate between dog and floor work.

Woe Dog doesn't see why he's not allowed to help the flooring guys.

New magical mystery layer of ugly 80s industrial-style tile excavated. Who the hell picks this stuff?

7 hours after the unfortunate incident with the nettles. #mustnotacratchmustnotscratch

Big G seriously cannot get enough of these puppies.

Watching our dog watch a dog watch dogs on tv. No, seriously.

Now brewing: snow monkey plum, with the "mana-tea" infuser (birthday goodie from hubs).


"Look, all I'm saying is that cinnamon and sugar are relevant to my interests."

Greyson got a kicky purple gingham bandanna at the groomer. #stylin' #profilin'

Greyson naps through the reddit AMA.

Good night, everyone. #zzzzzzz