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Dogs, man.

"If you think I can't look any sadder than this while trolling for cookies, you are so, so wrong."

A dog's life: destroy a toy, fart yourself to sleep in the wreckage.

[:: rolls around in the merchandise ::] [:: like Uncle Scrooge in the money bin ::]

Pause on the morning walk to chill with Mr. Stubbs.

Good morning, Mr. Stubbs...

And then there's playtime with Mr. Stubbs.

Ditto "Percy."

His shy girlfriend "Libby" says hi too.

Big G's pal "Asher" says hello!

A couple of Big G's dog friends, saying hello and hoping for cookies.

Me and this yawning/screaming kitty are SO on the same page this morning.

Well, everything's back to normal over here.

And this is how my camera caught the lightning....

The thunder is pretty much constant, at this point...

What one hella-awesome reader brought me to sign...

For - yours truly, all selfie-like

Surprising absolutely no one who knows me. No idea how I did it.

Yes the skulls have glitter on them. I am a crappy goth.

Happy National Dog Day! (Big G is pretty happy, anyway.)