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Heidi is about 4 months old, maybe 4 pounds...and 100% love.

Greyson, with two of his favorite carbon based life forms - Kylie and Heidi :)

There was a commercial on TV, and I blew my saving throw, okay?

His buddy Taco is here! Gettin' blessed.

Wandered into a blessing of the animals at the Methodist church. Big G is delighted.

Apparently I am forgiven for that vet visit.

This kitty objects to the indignity of a Little Old Lady Cat checkup.

Look, we all know I'm weak, okay?

Dress nicely, dine alone, slip in anyplace without reservations. It's working for me, anyway.

I'm not often a plaid kind of girl, but if you could see the rest of this dress you would TOTALLY get it.

Holy shit you guys this bread pudding will be the DEATH of me the DEATH do you hear?

Simple and tasty. Because every NOLA visit recap amounts to "what I ate" and "what I wore."

All is vanity. Even when your eyes are acting up and you have to wear your glasses.

Summer goth this afternoon, baby.

The cathedral. So pretty, and such a nice day.

Though let's be real: beignets are no goth's friend.

Breakfast. Where else?

Woke up. Can't go back to sleep. That's okay; what a view....

The obligatory "view from my room" shot...

Although I did see this right as I got off the plane. Way to spin that PR.