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HAWT. Even hotter because I'm still sick, and wearing no makeup.

Ready to fight crime. Or get lunch, as the case may be.

I had the Underoos in the 70s, and now I have the Chucks. (I still miss the Underoos)

I started to get up for a drink, but it turns out I'm not allowed.

SOMEONE's glad I'm home. Okay, the husband too. But this is cute.

Yours truly with Sam and Maria. A good time was had by all! Thanks, Tucson!

The cat, of course, is utterly THRILLED.

The wreckage of lunch. #omnomnom

Helper cat is actually pretty crap at her job.

Except the bedroom, which looks like this throughout.

Because people asked for proof - the whole place looks like this.

We are still quite happy with our new envelope.

Well, that took about 90 seconds.

Also with the mail: UK editions of FOUR AND TWENTY BLACKBIRDS. #prettydamncool

Now it's become so scary, she has to hide behind me...but she's still fascinated.

The kitty has opinions about all this window work.

The story of my day: strange taint at eye-level for hours at a time.

Awesome husband brings home rum...and belated Xmas gift of outrageous awesomeness:

PyramidHead weather.

Still coming down. Sill stacking up.