Chris Hadfield


Mission specialist on STS-74 and performed multiple EVAs on STS-100. Currently training as the commander of Expedition 35.

Photos and Videos by @Cmdr_Hadfield

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Russian proposed nuclear-powered spaceship - radioactive fuel on the far left, people on the far right

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simple photo, big event - China's 2nd astronaut Fei Junlong addresses the world's cosmonauts/astronauts in Moscow

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opening of Assn Space Explorers 2011 Congress in Moscow: speeches, imagery and opera - powerfully Russian

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You can tell by the shoes how many cosmonauts are in a Soyuz simulator

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Space Food - Russian pork with sweet peppers. Pretty tasty! Need to be careful with the jagged lid edges.

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making grape juice on Space Station - water dispenser to my left, food warmers under my hand, trash by my belt

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Toilet on Space Station - we keep liquids and solids separate. Toilet paper is like Kleenex, wet and dry wipes

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Robot Spacewalk - Dextre just replaced a failed box outside, a first for our 2-armed robot!

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My birthday mug, good Canadian colours, for use in the Cosmonaut Tea Room (photo credit - Jeremy Hansen)

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the beautiful Bahamas are barely visible under Irene's scornful eye - photo taken by the Space Station crew

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How to get water in the Soyuz - pump the orange handle, open the white valve, turn the squirter - drink!

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CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen in Star City, Russia, supporting the Expedition 33/34 crews, learning the ropes

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Homemade checklist - all you really need to fly a Soyuz spacehip by hand and dock it with the Space Station

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Training astronauts - our instructors found a way to make a simulated vehicle fire more realistic!

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Keep the puck in and the riffraff out. Star City ice rink and barbed wire wall, in summer

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Soviet-era statue of cosmonaut manhood at Star City: stalwart muscular explorer, sun in hand

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Photo from Mir, and the story behind it:

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Old space hardware - mockups used for past spacewalk underwater training, outside the Hydrolab, Star City, Russia

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In the Soyuz sim, using a laser to measure distance and rate for manual rendezvous and docking. Nice hat.

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Put on the blue slippers, slither into the cockpit: then the whole thing spins to simulate re-entry G-forces

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