Chris Hadfield


Mission specialist on STS-74 and performed multiple EVAs on STS-100. Currently training as the commander of Expedition 35.

Photos and Videos by @Cmdr_Hadfield

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Bandella - Dan Burbank, Micki Pettit, myself and Steve Robinson, after a 4-hour gig at the Chelsea

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Spacewalk Training Day, 6 hours underwater, suited. For my cold I've been pushing extra fluids...

I'll be underwater all day tomorrow, wearing this HUT - Hard Upper Torso. It's fibreglass. I have a cold ...

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Spacewalking pants - adjustable leg length (ring by the left ankle). Note the yellow pressure-tight liner.

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Space Station Fluid Connector class today - for NH3, N2 and H2O hoses. We operate them during spacewalks.

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Imagine how it feels to be outside on a spacewalk during this. Surreal - can it really be our Earth? New ISS video

Imagine how it feels to be outside on a spacewalk during this. Surreal - can it really be our Earth? New ISS video

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Virtual Reality helps us train for spacewalks - detail of the helmet. We also wear gloves with sensors.

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Joystick for astronauts - if we tumble off station during a spacewalk, this is how we control our jetpack

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Rescue Forces hustling to get under the Soyuz - very rare photo (Bill Ingalls, NASA)

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in the Virtual Reality Lab - training to move massive structures while spacewalking in weightlessness

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The Soyuz entry capsule lands accurately, safely and hard. Welcome back Sascha, Andrei and Ron!

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in the simulator dome with crewmate Tom Marshburn, practicing robotic grapples of free-flying resupply ships

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Astronaut Underwear - the Liquid Cooling Ventilation Garment routes cool water around under our spacewalking suit

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Spacewalking 'EMU' Suit - tried on an Extra Large today, in case we don't have all the right sizes up on ISS

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footprints on the Moon - great to see:

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filming for the Rick Mercer Report at the Windsor Airshow, beside Canada's historic 'Golden Hawk 1' F-86 Sabre

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At the Windsor Airshow filming with for the #RMR & with

a 2nd photo of the covered Buran model

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instrumented model of Russian Space Shuttle Buran at Air Force Museum in Monino - why is it covered? theories?

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