Chris Hadfield


Mission specialist on STS-74 and performed multiple EVAs on STS-100. Currently training as the commander of Expedition 35.

Photos and Videos by @Cmdr_Hadfield

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Spacewalking is hard work; the suit needs airing out afterwards. Here's how the Russians dry their gloves

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If Soyuz has an emergency and we land in water, we put on our 'форель' suit to get out. It means 'trout'

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'Rocket Man'. It was fun to film! On Global TV this Saturday at 7PM:

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Dock with the Space Station - this is the probe-and-cone that connects Soyuz to ISS. See how it works?

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How to Fly a Spaceship: my instructor's notes on Manual Approach and Docking theory. Ouch!

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Russian Spacewalking Gloves - not very easy to work in, especially when the suit is pressurized

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On Frozen Pond - even without the sign, I wasn't tempted to go for a swim today. Star City, Russia

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Putting on a Russian spacesuit: you climb in from the back and shut the door (in blue thermal underwear)

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How do you sleep in space? In this bag! Note the armholes, foot flap, and straps to tie yourself to the wall

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Orlan Spacesuit training on Thanksgiving Day with Oleg and Evgeni - crewmates! 1 yr, 2 days til launch

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How does an astronaut protect his pumpkin pies? Happy American Thanksgiving! (from a Canadian in Russia)

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Russian spacewalk trainer in Star City - suits are suspended to simulate weightlessness

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It's hard to reach in a spacesuit - to help, here's the Shuttle 'swizzle stick' vs the Soyuz "Указател"

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Mystery island is Bermuda! 1st correct answer was in PEI. Harder question: where's this?

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I took this in 2001 because it was beautiful. You can see the dredged harbour channel. Where on Earth is it?

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despite the clever camouflage, I still managed to find the Soyuz simulator today

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There's lots to think about when you're wearing a pressure suit inside a spaceship preparing for launch

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Mystery Space Hardware - guess what this is! Hint: it's used in 'Zvezda', the Russian Service Module

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Custom-poured Soyuz shock-absorbing seat; KX are my initials, knee straps hold legs in place, blue pole for comm

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Local Russian fresh fish market. The live Carp were 140 rubles/kilo (2 $/lb)

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